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Key Helpers

Key Turner

Get the extra turning power of a rigid, wide handled key turner. Simply insert your door or car key in the slot of the 3" handle and screw it tight. Holds 1 key.

Hole-in-One Key Holder

This large handle key holder gives you a better grip for holding your keys and better leverage for turning them in the lock. This key turner holds two keys.

Deluxe Key Keeper

No more dropping your keys or struggling to turn your car or door key. This turner offers a wrist strap and holds up to 3 keys. Will accommodate the large black auto ignition key.

Thumb_wrist coil
Wrist Coil

Do yourself a favor and use one of these multi-color wrist coils to attach a key(s) or a whistle when you need to grab and go.The high quality coil can be stretched and re-stretched and returns to original shape. Colors are vibrant.

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